Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wabasso Lake/Valley of the 5 Lakes

Last weekend saw another great weekend as I was off to Jasper with Jess trying to make the best of what's left of the summer. The plan was a relaxing evening in town and a mountain bike ride on Labour day before driving home. Well the weather was cold, and cloudy but it didn't rain and we where riding in the rockies so I couldn't ask for much more. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera this weekend so no pictures but for those of you who haven't ridden the loop mentioned above I highly recommend it. It's doesn't offer up the scenic views of some of the other BC Trails, nor the Epic climbs up 14KM to pedal across mountains peaks, or the riding through lush alpine valleys, but it is one of the funnest rides, flowy with lots of rocky bits that keep you on your toes, and just a lot of flat out fun riding.

Here's a couple pics I "borrowed" from to give you a brief idea but they do not do the trail justice.

Two more weekends planned with three days in Yoho National Park next weekend, and then what I hope isn't the last DH day of the year but off to give Moose Mountain a ride after I've heard so much about the riding.

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