Monday, August 17, 2009

Summit Tour 2009 - Part 2 Hiking

So after the 6 days of biking some of BC's best trails and destinations (see previous post) me and Dave headed up to Jasper National Park to meet up with Jess, Cam and Katie for a three day backcountry hike along the Skyline Trail. For those of you who aren't familiar with it it's considered by many to be the Premier Multi-Day Hike in the Rockies as you spend the large majority of your time in the alpine or sub-alpine resulting in amazing views as long as the weather cooperates. It's a 45 to 50 KM point to point hike depending on which signs you read and the staff from the national park have made this a great hike for those beginning to venture into multi-day backcountry hikes as it is well marked and has multiple well maintained Campsites (i.e. Facilties, Campsites generally near streams, areas to hang your food to minimizes bear dangers, ect.). Just make sure to book your sites in advances as site are sometimes booked as far out as 2 months in advance. My suggested route to anyone doing the trail is make it an enjoyable three days camping at Snowbowl (12 to 14KM), Tekara (18KM), then another 13 to 14 KM's out on your last day. However we couldn't get a site a Tekara which resulted in us camping at signal which was a long (and slightly painfull day with 35 to 50lbs packs) 24KM day as day two, but worked out well in our case as we had to get Dave to the Edmont Airport after the hike was complete and the short day let us relax a little in Japer afterwards and enjoy a well earned Pint and Dinner at Earls. So with that I'll leave you with a little photo diary of our trip.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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