Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lake Minnewanka - Spring Bike Ride

Me and Marty drove out to Banff yesterday to ride at Lake Minnewanka for an out and back trip to the Warden Station resulting in a picturesque 22km spring ride. We lucked out with the weather as the forecast was cloudy with sunny breaks, showers and a chance of snow (I offer my thanks to the weather man for that insight). But after driving into what looked to be a day drink pints on a covered patio in Banff instead of riding, we arrived at our destination with break in clouds and they weather stayed that way for most of the ride. The first KM or so was slush and mud but as soon as we turn the corner after the climb the trails where dry and we had a great day of ridding. If you haven't ridden here before it's a nice spring ride before the loop has a lot of tourist, dries quickly, doesn't have too much climbing for the winter legs, and is a nice intermediate skill level ride (nothing to technical a beginner/intermediate rider could probably get through the trail with only some small hike a bikes.) Anyways enough chatting and here's some pics.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Endless Ocean of Air?

"We look into the sky it seems to us to be endless.... we think without consideration about the boundless ocean of air, and then you sit aboard a spacecraft, you tear away from the Earth and within ten minutes, you have been carried straight out of the layer of air, and beyond there is nothing! Beyond the air there is only emptiness, coldness, darkness. The "boundless" blue sky, the ocean which gives us breath and protects us from the endless black and death, is but an infinitesimally thin film. How dangerous it is to threaten even the smallest part of this gossamer covering, this conserver of life."
Vladimir Shatalov, The Home Planer

and on that note I'm off to Banff to Mountain Bike this weekend, if I remember to take pictures on the weekend I'll post some pictures.