Monday, June 29, 2009

Panorama Mad Trapper BC Cup # 2

Well well another race weekend in BC, how to sum this one up. Wicked fun course, awesome people, great weather and the snow melt made sure the course was just muddy enough to be a riot to ride. So after an amazing 2 days of riding, and maybe a little drinking I can home stoked as soon as I managed to forget about my race run. Two falls and Dropped chain resulted in my worst finish ever and I guess I'll be looking to regain a little pride once the Alberta Cups start next weekend. But oh well that's racing! A quick Shout goes out to Tyler who took a top 10 finishing 7 in his class in his first race after killing it all weekend, look out for him on the Alberta Cups as he has a lot potential for some podium finishes in the near future.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hiking in Kananaskis

Well this weekend saw another weekend of the many I plan on spending in the Rockies pass by. Me Jess headed down to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park for the weekend with the Hopes of Hiking Burstall's Pass. Knowing the pass was snow covered we knew there was chance we wouldn't be able to complete the desired route. But our hopes where high and we where ready to thrudge through some snow as long as it was safe to do so. However, we where greated with high avanlache danger and suggestions not to hike the route so it was time to reconsider and we ended up hiking Pocaterra instead. Which was an awesome day, (what day isn't when it's sunny, cool, and you're in the rockies). However, the hike has been added to my do not repeat or suggest list. It's was basically a 22-24KM fireroad walk with a good view at the top. Oh well i guess another trip will have to be planned for Burstall and a couple of the Alpine hikes in the area. Enjoy the pics.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Kamloops Race the Ranch

We'll last weekend saw Race the Ranch in Kamloops come and go. It was a fun weekend, as all weekends that include friends, bicycle and a mountain always seem to be. I have to say racing in Kamloops is an entirely different ball game though., and the picture to the left sums it up pretty well. The thick powder of dust on the trail resulted in perpetually changing lines, and multiple riders falling into pillows of Dust. For myself the runs where mixed. In all honesty I only had one practice run where I felt good in this foreign terrain. So I had hoped to just take it relatively easy on my race run in the top portion which seemed to be claiming so many racers and then pedal my @#% off on the bottom to tie in a decent run. Well the top third went well, but trying a slightly different line I got sideways took out flag pole amd in an attempt to make up the lost seconds bailed twice on the bottom sections killing any hopes of a decent finish. However as always it was fun weekend rippin' on bike, and I can't wait till the next race to try reclame a little bit of pride ; ).

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baseline Mountain

First chance to get out and ride some vertical and looking forward to Race the Ranch in Kamloops this weekend.

May Long Weekend in Banff National Park

May long offered a chance to get out for some early season hiking and we lucked out with the weather as many complained of snow and rain, we saw warm Sun and Clouds all weekend. With the high pass and good hikes still covered in snow we had to do some of the more tourist oriented hikes, however it was a great way to start the season, and get the legs moving. Here's some pics enjoy!

Day 1 - Near Banff - Hoodoo's - 1/2 way to Johsnton Lake and back - Bow River Trail - Tunnel Mountain; 13 KMs easy hiking). Iwouldn't suggest the hike unless you are in the early or late season and their aren't many options, most views are scared by the development around the city of Banff and there's very little elevation gain except for Tunnel Mountain where the views are over rated.

Day 2 - Bow Glacier Falls - Nice hike, especially at this time of year where the only people we met where skiers coming back from a backcountry trip and the snow added a little adventure. Would be busy in the core season since it's short, easy and offers great views, which wouldn't make it appealing to me in the summer months. About 10KM out and back and a couple extra of exploring.