Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hiking in Kananaskis

Well this weekend saw another weekend of the many I plan on spending in the Rockies pass by. Me Jess headed down to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park for the weekend with the Hopes of Hiking Burstall's Pass. Knowing the pass was snow covered we knew there was chance we wouldn't be able to complete the desired route. But our hopes where high and we where ready to thrudge through some snow as long as it was safe to do so. However, we where greated with high avanlache danger and suggestions not to hike the route so it was time to reconsider and we ended up hiking Pocaterra instead. Which was an awesome day, (what day isn't when it's sunny, cool, and you're in the rockies). However, the hike has been added to my do not repeat or suggest list. It's was basically a 22-24KM fireroad walk with a good view at the top. Oh well i guess another trip will have to be planned for Burstall and a couple of the Alpine hikes in the area. Enjoy the pics.

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