Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summit Tour 2009 - Part 1 Cycling

As mentioned in my last post last week I took a week off to explore some of BC and the Rockies best Mountain Bike and Hiking Trails. The Trip saw me continue on from the Alberta DH provincials in Blairmore with Dave first off to meet our buddy Andrew in Rossland for the night where the next morning he graciously shuttled us to the Trail Head of the 7 Summits trail. The 7 Summits trail in Rossland has become a must do on many mountain bikers list for it's Epic route that starts at the bottom of and climbs to the top of a mountain, and then proceeds to roll up down over 7 peaks. It's definately worth the long climb up (1.5 to 2 hrs) for an amazing ride. And for all you considering to complete this trail I suggest stagging your retrieval vehicle at a the "second" lot. After you exit the official 7 Summits trail if you cross the road there's a trail called Dewdney to continue descending, and it is probably the funnest section of singletrack on the whole system.

Next we set up camp for a day in Nelson to ride some of the legendary trails there but not before taking an easy morning hanging out in the Town (boy I love that place), laid back vibe, tons of true outdoor and adventure enthusiast, good coffee, and technical riding that will rival anything. In the afternoon we pedaled up Moutain Station and amazing trail network that back's right onto town with everything from intermediate DH singletrack to shore style stunts and drops to challenge the most advanced riders. We quickly saw why the average locals technical skills is well above average. Then in the evening we took the Dirt Tours Shuttle up what I believe was Svaboda (the mountain with Powerslave, Bulls on Parade, Placenta, Illuminati, ect)for some awesome sustained decent.

The next day was going to be a long one driving from Nelson to Revelstoke to ride Keystone Standard Basin and then drive into Golden that night. It would have been great to have been able to stay in Revy that night but we where on a bit of time constraint and wanted to get a run down Mount 7 before Driving to Jasper to Hike the Skyline Trail. Keystone Basin has to be one of the most scenic Rides in North America, riding through Alpine Meadows that are what I picture riding in the alps to be like. It's a 22KM out and back trail and contained some of the most amazing buffed singletrack I've ever ridden. For anyone making a long trek out to ride 7 Summits in an attempt to ride BC's best XC trails, this must be added to your itinerary.

Finally the 4th day of riding including trying to find someone to shuttle us up mount 7 and after searching multiple bike shops we found a local willing to drive us to the top for 20 bucks and we made a run down most of the Psychosis course (minus Dead Dog since we where on all mountain bikes.) And what a run that is. I understand why there was some pressure to cancel the race as the trail is rutted and loose, however it was definately one of the best DH tracks I've been on in the last couple years.

I'll leave you there for now and will put up a quick post about hiking the Skyline Trail in the next few days.

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